Life – The Reforming Genetic Code Traveling in Time

Just another way to look at life could be in terms of journey of continuously reforming genetic code traveling in time. A journey that began when the nucleotide base pairs enabled life, as we know it, to come into being. The sequence in the billions of nucleotide base pairs keeps on surviving, constantly interacting with the environment and overcoming hurdles presented to it by the environment. If the organism is able to survive and beget, the genetic sequence information undergoes remixing during gametogenesis and at fertilization, bringing about tiny but significant changes appearing in each new individual organism.dna-code

The influence of environment on the evolving sequence in the genetic material is enormous. Environment can kill an organism if there is a lethal error in its code, halting that particular passenger in the grand journey. The sequence is 18jpma2xnl0q8jpgsometime disrupted by error or environmental hazards known as ‘Mutation’ which can be an accidental opportunity to test the survivability of the change in genetic code brought about by the mutation if the environment permits survival. Those changes that get through the test of survivability might integrate to join in the Genetic Journey. The surviving mutational sequence travels further in time and keeps on bringing evolutionary refinement in that particular sequence. Contrarily, the changes that fail to survive in the environment do not become the characteristics of the large majority of the population.mut

The constituents of physical existence organize in a particular way as dictated by DNA and as programmed organisms live life through death and the constituents disperse. Individual organism coming to life and then dying out is in other words an episode of manifestation of the journey. In this grand design, what is that which survives? It is the genetic sequence of the nucleotide base pairs of the living organism along with the little significant changes that came into it during the process of reproOlympic relay raceduction.

That modified genetic code is again and again transmitted to the coming generations somewhat similarly to Relay Race where relay is transferred by one runner to the other for continuation of the race. As explained by the theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’, the more perfect the code, the more ensured is the survival and more likely continuation of the life’s journey in time.

The journey in this way goes on. What is the purpose and where all is that headed, what is ultimate fate, etc. can be the questions.

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